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Erasmus+ en Ouzbékistan

Aziza Abdurakhmanova assure la coordination du programme Erasmus+ en Ouzbékistan. Nombre d'universités ouzbèkes entretiennent depuis longtemps des liens de coopération avec des universités européennes.

Les projets Tempus (projets de capacity building aujourd'hui) ont assuré la pérennité de ces coopérations et considérablement développé l'internationalisation des universités.

How do you see the integration of Erasmus Mundus in the new Erasmus+ ?
I think that Erasmus+ is a very good and the most relevant follow-up of the Tempus and Erasmus Mundus projects in Uzbekistan. Both programmes established good basis for the Uzbek universities to benefit of extended cooperation opportunities through capacity building and contribution to internationalisation process.

What do you expect specifically in your country ?
Having a number of sustainable results and successful stories of Tempus !
The Uzbek universities are looking forward to strengthen the existed relations and to establish new partnerships within new E+ program. However the university world of Uzbekistan should be prepared for credit mobility and thus to enhance activities and capacities of International relations offices of Uzbek HEIs.

What kinds of cooperation do you plan with European universities ?
Information campaign towards new Erasmus+ program actually started in May 2014 as regional E+ Information Day took place in Tashkent.
The Uzbek universities are eager to explore the new cooperation opportunities within the E+ and in particular to continue ex-Tempus like activities which proved to be the efficient way of partnership.

I would like also to refer to my article published online in EAIE blog series on Erasmus+ :

Aziza Abdurakhmanova, Coordinator
National Erasmus+ Office (NEO) in Uzbekistan


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